Studio flat
Brick Panels and Corners
with insulation and without insulation
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Brick Panels
are Thermal insulation 
and Brickwork in One.
No foundations required
To improve, decorate, insulate, increase the value of your house.
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The Brick Tiles
Hard-baked brick tiles made of specially selected clays and fired up to 1200C.
As a result, they are extremely dense with a water absorption rate of only 2 to 6 % (some exceptions).
All facing bricks- tiles are frost-resistant, dimensionally stable and color fast.
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Brick slips
Joint alignment system


The brick panel joint alignment system is an economical alternative for home builders.

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Fireplace Chambers, Accessories


All Fire Chambers and the Reducer unit are made of high-grade heat-resistant concrete, thickness 50mm. The construction of the chambers is such that they, even after use for a long time, will not be porous.

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Brick Panel NC  (Non-combustible)
Fireplace panels/surrounds

Brick Panels NC has introduced an innovative new way of building fireplace enclosures/surrounds,   fireplace chambers and surrounds with real hard-baked brick facing tiles made of specially selected clays and fired up to 1200C.

Brick Panel NC is a light-weight, non-combustible building panel that simplifies the construction process by eliminating the need for steel or wood frame constructions or to use for fireplace chambers.

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Window sills
   We  also have the naturally matching window sills for your house

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    Brick Panels with insulation
    Brick Panels without insulation
    Brick Tiles
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