The brick panels are manufactured to the customer specifications.

The size and the thickness of the panels are laid in our product description.

The colour and structure of the applied brick tiles have been chosen by the customer may differ slightly from the examples as this is a ceramic product.

For the number of panels ordered by the customer brick-tiles are taken from the same batch, so that each panel has the same colour and texture.

It is therefore recommended to order 4% more as with new order colour and structure of the brick tiles can be slightly different.

Because of the above, it is not possible to return the panels or to cancel the order after you agree and after our order confirmation and after you have paid the invoice. Returns Not Accepted.



Brick Panels
Brick Panels are Thermal insulation 
and Brickwork in One.
No foundations required
To improve, decorate, insulate, increase the value of your house.
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Brick tiles
Hard-baked brick tiles made of specially selected clays and fired up to 1200C.
As a result, they are extremely dense with a water absorption rate of only 2 to 6 % (some exceptions).
All facing bricks- tiles are frost-resistant, dimensionally stable and color fast.
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