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Building protection

Healthy living
- Saving of valuable energy
- Attractive appearance
- Long life
- Saving money
- It creates a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere which fulfils all requirements of modern medicine.
The surface temperature on the inside of an exterior wall is regarded as a measure of the comfort of a living room. Temperatures below 15°C at a room temperature of 20°C indicate a cold, unpleasant and unhealthy room atmosphere.
In the ideal case, the difference between the room temperature and the surface temperature at the inside of the exterior wall should be less than 3°
- In summer, the exterior insulation makes it comfortable cool.
An advantage that you will quickly come to appreciate
Without Insulation:
Porous concrete, Raw density 600 gk/kbm,
Wall thickness 24,0cm. U-Value:0.70W/(m²·K),
high heating costs
With Insulation 
System 80 mm:
U-value: 0,32 W/(m²·K),
low heating costs
Proper insulation = healthy living
Thermal insulation - you can save cash
BRICK-PANELS is an all-round thermal insulation that you can rely on.
Our full thermal insulation system applies the ideal physical principle of external insulation. The thermal insulation of a house has the purpose of delaying the transfer of heat from the inside outwards in winter and from the outside inwards in summer
With the aid of this energy-saving-system, near all requirements of the recent energy conservation regulations can be fulfilled and you can
achieve heating cost savings of up to 50% in a detached house.
Our Systems can currently be classified as one of the best suppliers of thermal insulation to the building trade.
The table (for brick-panels) shows the improvement of the U value by the installation of our products.
(The lower the U value, the better the insulation of the house.)

Calculate your own u-value. Click here

Image 1

 Image 2

Image 1:
Long-term protection against water penetration.
It provides long-term protection against water penetration, is resistant to driving rain, but allows water vapour to diffuse outwards and is therefore actively breathing.
That means: no condensation, prevents damage and preserves valuable building materials.
Image 2:
Water vapour can diffuse outwards.
You can usually save all cleaning and painting work in the future.
Existing cracks and damaged plasterwork are bridged by our systems.
Active fire protection
In addition the brick panels prevents a fatal fire spread due to glowing.
Special because of the implemented clay brick tiles.
The brick panel system offers more security for residents and crafts men.
Tested quality - your security


Our products is successfully active throughout Europe with its product groups.
The long life of the products and the use of high-quality materials are primary considerations in our corporate philosophy.
Continuously growing requirements for energy saving, reduction of pollutant emissions from flues and chimneys, and saving fossil resources are always considered in the further development of our products.
The product has its products continuously inspected by a state Materials Testing Institute for civil engineering.
The quality and functionality of our thermal insulation composite systems is now well-known in Germany and throughout many parts of Europe.
All our brick-tiles have also an in-house product quality controls, are externally supervised by Güteschutz Ziegel e.V.(German quality auditing commission). Güteschutz Ziegel also carries out its own control  measurements.The certificate is the evidence that has been granted both CE mark of conformity and quality mark and is allowed to use them for their products.
It also indicates that the in-house inspections have been correctly carried out.

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