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Brickwork and insulation without foundations.

The Brick Panels system permits clean, uncomplicated and inexpensive brick facing of walls on old, prefabricated and new houses indoor and outdoor, offering both thermal and sound insulation at the same time.

The bricks of the Brick Panels system are natural composite of thermal-insulation polyurethane and high quality, hard-baked brick facing tiles made from specially selected clays and fired up to 1200C.

As a result, they are extremely dense with a water absorption rate of only 2 to 6 percent (%).

All facing brick tiles are frost-resistant, dimensionally stable and colour fast.

Without requiring any preliminary work, the Brick Panels elements are secured directly to the outside wall using special wall plugs before being joined. 


Extensive work on the foundations is unnecessary and is not usually necessary to extend the sophists eaves (roof projections).


There is a host of individual design possibilities available with special elements co-coordinated for the specific building available for corner areas, lintels and etc



Thickness of the brick panels:


40 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm,

 120 mm, 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm and 200 mm


Dimensions of the brick panels with insulation  (WxH)




Standard size, most common:

NF brick-tiles    138.5 x 74.8 cm (1,03 m)


Other sizes:

DF brick-tiles     138.5 x 69.9cm (0,97 m)

RF brick-tiles     138.5 x 69.8cm (0,96 m)

WDF brick-tiles 134.0 x 64.0 cm (0,86 m)






DF brick-tiles     113.5 x 69.9cm (0,79 m)

RF brick-tiles     113.5 x 77.3cm (0,88 m)

WDF brick-tiles  123.5 x 64.0cm (0,79m)






DF brick-tiles     126.2 x 69.9cm (0,88 m

NF brick-tiles     126.2 x 74.6cm (0,94 m)

RF brick-tiles     126.2 x 69.3cm (0,87 m)

WDF brick-tiles  135.9 x 69.8cm (0,79m)



Brick tile formats


- Normal format  (NF)71 х 240 mm 


- Slim format (DF) 52 х 240 mm


          - Reichs format (RF) 65 х 240 mm


      - Waaldick format (WDF) 65 х 210 mm 




Weight of each panel with insulation is about 25 kg


The patented fixing bush with ISO sealing DE Patent 101 39 261.3-25
- Optimum guiding for plugs and screws (Norista A4 stainless steel or galvanized).
- No compression of heat insulation, because bush is provided with an arresting element towards the wall!
- No thermal bridges via polystyrene plugs in front of the screw heads.
- 11 dowel fixing cases for each System-Element and 4 dowel fixing cases per prefab corner guarantee and extremely safe hold on the wall of the house!
 The Brick Panel Corners

 House corner panel

model HE

24.5 x 24.5 x 74.8 cm

RIGHT/ LEFT Window/ Door corner panel

model FE

24.5 x 11.5 x 74.8 cm

 Above Window / Door corner panel

model ST

24.5 x 11.5 x 74.8 cm

Finished corners as HE, FE and lintel


NF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 74.5 cm

RF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 69.3 cm

Flemish bond    - Height: 77.5 cm

WDF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 64 cm

Flemish bond    - Height: 64 cm

DF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 69.9 cm

Flemish bond    - Height: 69.9 cm




Finished corners 1 thigh is without foam

 NF, RF, WDF, DF system
1 thigh is without foam
Thickness -25 mm
Used where window soffits are too narrow.
For example:
-as window corner and lintel
-as soffit


Trimming corners


NF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 74.5 cm

RF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 69.3 cm


DF system

Stretcher bond  - Height: 69.9 cm

WDF system

Trimming corners technically not possible



Special corners




Starter corners



The brick panels installation

Thanks to exact coordination of individual elements, installation of the Brick Panels is unbelievably easy.
First of all, the Starter Brick  Panel or rail is secured. The system does not require any foundations which also dispenses with excavation work.
The Brick Panel wall elements and prefabricated corner elements for the building in question are affixed directly and secured safely and permanently using special wall plugs.
An all-round foam cavity is formed between the elements.
After foaming out, this guarantees a flush connection between elements as well as all -round insulation in all butt joints.
Finally all of the elements are joined manually.


1.Install guide rails

2. Position panels

3. Spot drill panel

4. Foaming chamber

5. Linked facing tiles

6. Jointing


Video of the Brick Panels Installation




The brick panels system is classified as one of the best suppliers of thermal insulation

The lower the U value, the better the insulation of the house

More about U-value see on page BUILDING PROTECTION or Click Here




Cross-section of the brick panel


Example of the brick panels:
Brick Panels colour 612 NF


  Brick Panels colour 721 NF



Brick Panels colour 687 DF Flemish bond


Brick Panels colour 687 DF Stretcher bond


Brick Panels colour 435 NF Brick Panels colour 435 RF

Brick Panels colour 621 NF Stretcher Bond   Brick Panels colour 741 NF Stretcher Bond


Brick Panels colour 436 NF Stretcher Bond


  Brick Panels colour 902 NF Stretcher Bond
Brick Panels colour 693 DF


  Brick Panels colour 901 DF
Brick Panels colour 440 NF


  Brick Panels colour 101 NF
Brick Panels colour 692 NF


  Brick Panels colour 401 DNF 
Brick Panels colour 267 NF


  Brick Panels colour 343 NF
Brick Panels colour 752 NF


  Brick Panels colour 752 DF
Brick Panels colour 540 NF


  Brick Panels colour 601 NF 
Brick Panels colour 685 DF


  Brick Panels colour 685 NF

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